Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Week of April 17, 2017

Purple Curriculum Updates
Pre-Algebra I with MaryAnn:
This week we completed our Unit 12 and had a test and final notebook check on Friday. The tests have already been graded and returned to the students. Next week will be devoted to preparing for our end of year assessments that will begin the first week of May.

Pre-Algebra II with Jared:
Students reviewed the chapter on Monday, and then took their chapter test on Tuesday. We then delved into the world of data and graphing. We looked at frequency charts, line plots, histographs, double line graphs, spreadsheets, and stem-and-leaf plots. We then practiced making and interpreting these online.

Pre-Algebra III with Andrew:
This week in Pre-Algebra III, we continued our unit on statistical graphing.  We looked at several more types of plots and graphs, including scatterplots for two-variables, and circle graphs for showing parts of wholes.  We looked at how different graphs and plots are useful for different types of data, and worked on a project on Friday to create a survey and graph its results.  Finally, we started reviewing our chapter for the test which will be next Thursday.

Algebra I with Molly:
This week we began our study of Quadratic Equations and Functions. Students reviewed graphing quadratic functions using a table of values, then learned several steps to shorten the process of graphing, by finding the axis of symmetry and the vertex. After that they are able to find the y-intercept and an addition point before easily mirroring the points across the axis of symmetry. At the end of the week, they reviewed computation with square roots.

Geometry with Clare:
This week we have marched through a good chunk of Ch. 11, with the first quiz taken on Wednesday.The basic concepts in this chapter are fairly straightforward, although some of the problems are not! The students have met some of the formulae before in previous math classes, which has helped with understanding., and have utilised a collaborative approach to problem solving that is a joy to see.

Language Arts with Jared:
This week we spent a lot of time preparing and then presenting our Authors' Tea stories. The evenings went great! We also wrapped up our novel units with a book test. Students ended the week with a brief video on the time period Shakespeare grew up in, before we began talking about the play "As You Like It" on Friday.

World Studies & Civics with Andrew:
In Civics this week, we had some fun and interesting exploration of a real court case, and looked at how evidence is really used to make impartial decisions.  We also looked at landmark court cases, and conducted some research on them in groups to find out more about their importance and impact on laws in the United States.  We took our findings, and worked on presenting the information as posters.  Next week, we will finish looking at these landmark cases and learn from each other about them.

Physical Science with Molly:
This week students received an optional review packet to use in preparation for the test. We applied what we have learned about forces and motion to roller coaster physics. For their long science class, students built a 12-18 foot track for a steel marble. They problem solved while including hills, loops, and corkscrews. They drew a scale model of their roller coaster. After testing it they wrote a paragraph explaining the forces on their marble.

Spanish with Corinne:
Morning Spanish
Sunshine A
This week we reviewed for and took a test on Chapter 2B.

Sunshine B
This week we reviewed for and took a test on Chapter 7B.

Spanish B

This week we reviewed for and took a test on Chapter 8B. We also had an in class work day for the “latino famoso” project.

Spanish C

This week we continued to work with the grammar in Chapter 3B. We reviewed the present progressive tense from last year, and learned several irregular present participle forms. We will have a map quiz on commands on Monday, where students will need to navigate through a map by following my directions. On Tuesday we will have a written quiz on the grammar in Chapter 3B.

Spanish D

This week we used class time to work on the food projects and presentations.

Art with Patti:

Middle School artists continued working on their collaborative auction projects. They are priming chairs, finishing the glass boarder for a mirror mosaic, grouting glass mosaic trivets, and wood burning a mountain scene on a cutting board. As they take turns with contributing to the auction art pieces, they are also working independently on linear perspective, glazing, or activism artworks. Students were reminded to bring in something white and made of cotton to dye. Tying will happen on Wednesday during class.

Life Skills / Sex Ed with Molly:
This week 6th grade students focused on how the characters in some of their favorite childhood movies are portrayed. We looked at the movie Tinker Bell and discussed the sexuality present in the cartoon drawing and characters behaviors. We will continue this focus next time. 7th grade students were all boys, except one girl, so I spent the class talking with the boys about facial hair growth and shaving. Next time, I will meet with the girls for the topic of hair growth and removal. For all of these topics, I encourage them to start discussions with their parents. 8th grade students were split into gender groups this week. Girls learned more about menstruation and will continue this discussion with a look at different methods of catchment next time. Boys diagramed a complex male anatomy of the abdomen. In future classes, we will talk about slang terms for our anatomy in an attempt to help them understand what they hear from friends, music, and movies. 8th grade students will then move on to sexual feelings, attraction, sexual preference, and dating.

Thank you from, 
The Purple Team