Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week of April 10, 2017

Purple Curriculum Updates
Pre-Algebra I with MaryAnn:
This week we had our Unit 11 test and notebook check. The students received these tests back on Wednesday. I was extremely happy with their test results. On Wednesday we began our final unit. In this unit we are exploring inequalities and how to graph and solve them. We will also explore square roots and the Pythagorean Theorem. This is another very short unit so we will anticipate having our next end of unit test on April 21st.

Pre-Algebra II with Jared:
This week we worked on transformations, learning about translations, reflections, and rotations. Students started the week by continuing on their tessellation art project (a translation), and ended it with review of these skills on Ixl, where it had them reflecting objects and rotating them online. They then started their review for Tuesday's test.

Pre-Algebra III with Andrew:
This week was spent on finishing up Chapter 8, which was about surface area and volume of different geometric solids.  We took our test on Tuesday, and then began our next chapter on types of graphs for statistical data.  We have looked at line plots, histograms, box-and-whisker plots, and stem and leaf graphs.  We also looked at different ways that information can be presented in potentially misleading ways.  Next week, we will continue looking at different types of graphs as we continue our study.

Algebra I with Molly:
This week we finished the chapter by learning how to factor a four-term polynomial. We finished chapter 9, reviewed, and took a test on polynomials and factoring on Friday.

Geometry with Clare:
The students worked hard this week as we finished Ch. 10. They took a quiz on Monday, and then the chapter test Thursday after reviewing key concepts. We also discussed the need for reading directions carefully, showing work neatly, and taking care with the arithmetic. Ch. 11 on Surface Area and Volume is underway.

Language Arts with Jared:
This week students finished their novels, and will be preparing for a short book test next week. Students also finished their Authors' Tea stories, a title slide for their Authors' Tea presentation, and began practicing reading their story out loud in preparation for Authors' Tea. Students also submitted items to the literary magazine.

World Studies & Civics with Andrew:
In Civics class this week, we looked at some of the philosophies for interpreting the Constitution that different Supreme Court justices hold.  We used this information to later look at different Supreme Court nominations that were controversial, and why the Senate may choose not to confirm certain individuals.  At the end of the week, we started reading a script about a real-life copyright case that will help us understand how certain legal decisions are made.  We will continue with the copyright case on Monday.

Physical Science with Molly:
This week we have explored Newton’s Third Law of Motion. We used bocce balls and tennis balls to investigate momentum and transfer of momentum to colliding objects. We investigated conservation of momentum through Newton’s Cradles. We finished the unit with a study of rockets, satellites, and how they use centripetal force. Students were given a study guide for a test on Motion and Forces on Wednesday, April 26th.

Spanish with Corinne:
Morning Spanish
Sunshine A
This week we finished Chapter 2B, talking about items in a classroom and their location. We will have a test next week on Tuesday April 18th.

Sunshine B
This week we finished Chapter 7A, going shopping. We learned about demonstrative adjectives (this, these, that, and those) and worked on building sentences with irregular verbs and the chapter vocabulary. We will have a test on Thursday April 20th.

Spanish B

This week we learned about indirect object pronouns and sentence structure, and practiced re-writing sentences using IOP’s. On Friday students were given their project rubric for “un/una latino/latina famoso/famosa”. This project requires students to research a famous Hispanic or Latino person and create a poster and a two minute oral presentation about him or her.

Spanish C

This week we continued with the grammar in Chapter 3B. We reviewed regular, affirmative “tĂș” commands and then learned several irregular command forms. We practiced with these commands to give driving directions. On Friday we began learning about irregular forms of the present progressive tense.

Spanish D

This week we began learning about more irregular future tense verbs. We are covering the grammar from Chapter 9B as we prepare for the end of the year exam. Students were given their project rubric and guidelines for the Spanish cooking project. Everyone chose the food that they would like to make for their presentation, and they need to check with families to confirm before starting their projects. This project will require a poster, an oral presentation about the preparation of the food, and bringing in the dish that they made. We will have our presentations and 8th grade lunch on Tuesday, April 25th, and parents are welcome to attend and watch the presentations.

Art with Patti:

Middle School artists continued working on their collaborative auction projects. They are drawing ocean life, creating glass mosaics, applying dye to for a resist, and wood burning. As they take turns with contributing to the auction art, they are also working independently on linear perspective, glazing, or activism artworks. Sketchbooks were turned in this week as well.

Life Skills / Sex Ed with Molly:
This week 6th grade students discussed stereotypes. We watched, then discussed a video about gender and stereotypes in the media. Next time we will take a look at how movies influence our idea of gender and stereotypes. 7th grade students focused on shaving and began discussing body odor changes during puberty. Over the next several weeks, we will focus on Body Hair, Perspiration, Pimples, and other puberty changes. 8th grade students both groups learned about female menstruation, while in separate gender groups. In future classes, 8th grade girls will learn more about managing menstruation. 8th grade boys will focus on stereotypes about being “manly” and “macho myths” before both groups learn about sexual intercourse.

Thank you from, 
The Purple Team